I understand that at the moment, some of the folks over at DC Comics are not on anybody’s Christmas card list. Understandable too, what with the recent creative team shambles with Andy Diggle on Action Comics, and Josh Fialkov quitting both Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns.

Oh, and if we go back a bit further, there was the decision to hand the creative reins to Orson Scott Card on a digital-first Superman comic, and of course, the unceremonious firing, and then rehiring of Gail Simone on Batgirl.

But are DC Comics the evil corporation everyone paints them out to be? Ever since the New 52 launched back in September 2011, have they done nothing but prey on the weak and fearful, ruining our favourite childhood characters and sucking all the joy out of our comic reading experience?

Well, no actually. Hit the break as I celebrate my favourite 5 things which have come out the New 52!

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So I wrote a thing.

Check it out, and then send your abuse this way.


So a year has now passed since DC relaunched their line of books with the New 52 in a bold attempt to freshen up their titles and make them all accessible for readers — old or new.

With the #0s having recently hit the stands, that means this is the perfect time for us to take a look back at the first year of the New 52.

As such, I am delighted to be joined by fellow comics contributors Chris (lokiallthefucksigive) and Ryley (ryley-stbatman) as we all reflect on the New 52, whilst also detailing our five favorite titles of the reboot!

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For those of you who don’t like to buy single issues and have decided to wait on the collected editions of DC’s 52 ongoing series, they’ve just now released the release dates for the first collections of every series (except for Wonder Woman), as well as what issues will be included in each volume. 

The first volumes will be released from May through November of 2012.

Read on to see when the books you’re looking forward to will be shipping.

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Green Lantern #4


Hello dear readers, and let us welcome you to our second installment of Rambling about Comics!

Last week Sam (sjhawkins) and I discussed the end of the old DCU in Flashpoint #5 and the beginning of the new DCU in Justice League #1. We had a lot of fun discussing the issues, and I really hope that our readers enjoyed the discussion too.

This week we’re back to talk about the first load of thirteen new books from DC. Together we’re talking about Action Comics, Animal Man, Batgirl, Justice League International, and Swamp Thing, and Sam tells me about Green Arrow and Stormwatch.

Note: There WILL be SPOILERS ahead, so you are warned, and also, it’s a pretty long post so feel free to scroll ahead to the issue you are interested it.

So read on to see what we thought about the first week into DC’s New 52!

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I might just rename this ‘Ryley knows his stuff’.