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Writers: Joe Kelly, Rick Veitch
Doug Mahnke, Duncan Rouleau, Darryl Banks
Tom Nguyen, Aaron Sowd, Wayne Faucher

After the epic Obsidian Age which stretched over two volumes, Kelly’s JLA lessens in scale somewhat in this offering, which features three separate stories. The first is from guest writer Rick Veitch, whom pits the new JLA against a mysterious alien recording device, which threatens to destroy everything in its wake. The following two issue story which names the trade sees the JLA caught in a moral dilemma, when they receive news of an alien race threatening to invade a neighbouring planet. Do the JLA act as guardians of peace and intervene, or do they have no right to meddle in alien affairs? Wrapping the trade up is a three issue storyline which sees the JLA caught between the U.S. government and a superhuman commune, and seemingly causing the deaths of thousands of people. Surely the JLA aren’t guilty of mass homicide?

After the epic feeling of the last storyline, does this drop in scale detract from the quality of the series? Read on to find out.

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