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Writer: Judd Winick
Eric Battle, Dale Eaglesham, Jamal Yaseem Igle, Brandon Badeaux, Pat Quinn
Rich Faber, John Lowe, Rodney Ramos, Al Williamson, Dan Davis

Spinning from the recent reveals of Kyle’s seemingly limitless reserves of power, this volume sees him confront the source, and embrace the power of Ion. Far more than a mere Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner now possesses unimaginable power which pushes him to the limits of near-omnipotence. As Ion, Kyle has great power and potential to do so much more throughout the cosmos, but is it worth the cost of his humanity?

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Writer: Judd Winick
Pencillers: Daryl Banks, Mark Bright
Inkers: Andy Smith, Jordi Ensign, Rich Faber, John Lowe

Judd Winick seems to be very much a marmite writer. I’ve seen an awful lot of people who think his work and the themes he explores are well written and that the issues involved need more exposure, and just as many who condemn him for preaching to readers because of his past views and not being able to tell a competent story. This is the first trade of his run on Green Lantern, where he picked up the reigns from the overly successful reboot and run undertaken by Ron Marz.

The question therefore is can Winick provide an intriguing story and build upon the legacy left by Marz on the 90s Green Lantern title? Is this worth reading if you are a fan of Kyle Rayner, or the Green Lantern franchise in general? Read on to find out.

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