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Writer: Judd Winick
Phil Hester, Tom Fowler, Eric Battle, Tommy Castillo
Ande Parks, Rodney Ramos, Jack Purcell

Moving Targets is a big trade, collecting #40-50 of the 2001 Green Arrow series. Within this trade, there are three segments, but they all flow together to read as one story. The overall story is that the entirety of Star City’s criminal underworld has been taken over by a ruthless gang leader named Brick, who steps up to take advantage of the chaos caused in the city in the previous volume. With the entire city paralysed by fear, will Green Arrow be able to stop Brick? And how will the family manage, when Mia’s life is turned upside down by some startling news?

After gaining some real momentum with the previous volume, does Winick continue to deliver with this volume?

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