I posted about sorting out my new bookcase and whatnot a few days ago, and the always charming letloosethekraken and not-so-charming cosmostreats asked for some updated pics of my collection, so here we are.

Warning, if you don’t like poor photography, or images of trade paperbacks on shelves, then look away now.

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Wasn’t expecting to do another post of this for another month, yet alone the next day lol.

Again, apologies for the poor camera on my phone.

Sci-pie however requested to see the Marvel Famous Covers figures, so I decided to take photos of what’s in that cupboard basically.

Cheeky shot of all my Famous Covers in storage. The Wolverine Origin bust is actually back in its box, since I don’t really have anywhere to display it at the moment. Same goes for my Ultimate Cyclops and Ultimate Storm busts.

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Decided to do one of these little things, since I’m bored and thought why not. It’s a general tour of the Comicy stuff I have in my room basically.

Apologies for the poor photo quality and camera work - I can’t find our camera, and some of my collection isn’t as accessible as I’d like it to be for reasons revolving around a distinct lack of space.

As with anything I post, any comments or questions you may have are welcome.

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