House of M

Not really too sure what to choose here. I know there’s been crap loads of Marvel events but I can’t really name that many at the moment. However out of those I can remember, House of M was overall most entertaining and had a major impact on the Universe as a whole (and then was trumped by Civil War, but ah well.)

The tie-ins were hit and miss (aren’t they always though?) but being in an alternate reality, it meant that even more than usual they weren’t that necessary to the main story, meaning you could miss them if you wanted to. Despite reaffirming that Wanda is loony, the concept was pretty good and executed well.

So I guess it’s my favourite event and I’m done for Marvel - although a lot later than planned due to the Wamtop’s death, but never mind.


I wasn’t really sure how to pick this one, since I’m like a year or two behind Marvel with most titles I read, whether in the Panini CEs or buying tpbs. So I’m going for overall consistency.

Collecting and reading all of the Daredevil tpbs since Guardian Devil made Daredevil my favourite Marvel Comics character. Throughout the epic Bendis and Brubaker runs, you got not just a great cast of characters, but also a series of amazing stories and a fantastic overall story arc which showcased Daredevil as the great character he is. The art throughout the run which I’ve read so far was absolutely fantastic, being dark and gritty and fitting the world that Daredevil inhabits. I really hope Diggle maintains the high standards that have been set before him. Hmm. I should really buy the tpb soon.

Therefore, I’d recommend Daredevil to anyone. The vast majority of the run which I’ve read has been top stuff.

Late 90s/Early 2000s

I’m back, and here ready to finish off this meme. Anyway, this choice was picked more so for nostalgia than anything else.

Why nostaglia you say? Because this was the period that I really started reading comics, picking up the Panini UK Collector Editions reprints. I really enjoyed the Fantastic Four and Iron Man stories post MHR, but what really grabbed my attention was the Avengers who I loved pretty much instantly. This volume featured a great line up, and had even better long running storylines which really showcased the characters well and introduced me to the wider Marvel Universe as a whole. As such, these great stories from the late 90s relaunch of the Avengers are what really got me into comics and helped to create the ever lovin’ geek I am today.

Good times.


Ok, I’ll admit this is me pretty much opting out of this choice since nobody really jumps to mind, even when I think a little bit about this. So I decided to go with mutants, despite them pretty much being human and all that jazz. Ah well.

So why are mutants pretty good? Despite being seen by critics as being the lazy way to give people powers and skip the origin story, they’ve been handled pretty well over the years and had their fair share of epic stories involving discrimination from humanity. Not to mention the lovely tagline – ‘humans fear what they don’t understand’, being behind the mass discrimination and hate violence. Without mutants those interesting stories like Days of Future Past and House of M wouldn’t have happened, not to mention we wouldn’t have Sentinels.

Perhaps this choice wasn’t that much of me opting out then after all…

The Human Torch

Going with the old school definition of elementalist here, being someone who controls at least one of the classic elements. This aside, there was then only one real choice for me. And that choice for me is Johnny Storm.

Basically, Johnny is a great character, who can provide humour alone – but especially when combined with his pal Ben Grimm. The relationship between the two is part of the great family dynamic of the Fantastic Four, and makes it a pleasure to read. Away from Ben, Johnny is a great character in his own right, developing over the years to gain greater majesty over his abilities and become more mature. Of course he’s still a hothead by nature so he can make some rash and less than wise choices still, which is why Johnny is always interesting to read about.

His impulsive nature is what makes him such a great character, and I hope he retains his youthful manner and sometimes rash outlook for years to come.


I’m actually surprised by the scope of games I had to pick between here. I thought this would be straight forward, but then I remembered Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Spider-Man 2 (the awesome movie one), Marvel vs Capcom 2 and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. However, I’ve gone for the Spider-Man game for the PS1, arguably giving it the place due to the nostalgia value.

This was the game that really sealed my interest in comics (although I’ve never been that big of a Spider-Fan, which is strange thinking about it), alongside the 90s Marvel cartoons. I remember not actually owning a PS1 or the game but playing it round my minder, whose kids had it. The story was just fantastic, and kept me entertained. I wanted to progress and complete the game not just for the satisfaction of winning, but to find out what happens next. Web swinging, crawling and the combat were pretty darn cool too, and I enjoyed using the codes to unlock the extras on other playthroughs. To add to this, it had a great voice cast – including Stan Lee.

This game was so awesome, I had to get it for my Dreamcast (remember them?).

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Pretty darn difficult choice here, since there have been quite a few fantastic Marvel cartoons, with the 90s X-Men and Spider-Man series being the choice of many fans. However the most recent Spider-Man series, Spectacular just edges them both for me.

Originally I wasn’t too keen on the theme tune, but after watching a few episodes I appreciated just how great it was. I think this series really benefitted from the Ultimate universe, meaning it was able to adapt the best material and storylines from both 616 and Ultimate. The voice acting was pretty darn snazzy in this too, perhaps even rivalling the cast from the 90s series.

So yeah. Spectacular Spider-Man rocks. Damn it not getting renewed. I reckon there were still some awesome stories to come.

The Avengers Quinjet

Wasn’t quite sure what to pick for this, but I settled for the Avengers Quinjet. This is because it has been consistent throughout the numerous incarnations of the Avengers, appearing often to shepherd the team around through the ages.

So why is it my favourite method of transportation? It’s not that original, I’ll give you that, but the key aspect that makes it memorable for me is that has been staple to the Avengers, like Jarvis and the Mansion. Over the ages it developed becoming more high tech and there are now numerous versions easily adaptable for whatever situation they may face – whether deep space travel or submerging the depths of the oceans.

The Avengers Quinjet just screams classic Avengers to me, and that is why it’s my favourite method of transportation.

House of M

I was going to go and choose the regular universe for this, but after being criticised I decided I may as well give this some thought. As such, I came to the conclusion that I rather liked the idea of the House of M universe.

Reversing the roles of the traditional reality, this saw a world where mutants had surpassed humans as the norm, and as such were now the first class citizens. In addition to this, the world was run by the royal House of M, leader by Magneto. Having the read the main story and a few tie ins, this reality seemed like a good idea and something different to the countless What if tales since the stakes were much higher in this reality since it was an alteration of the standard universe.

Oh, and the ending to the story wasn’t half bad either.

The Death of Captain America

I suppose this shouldn’t be up there with the likes of Jean Grey’s first death, since we always expected Steve Rogers to come back, but ah well. This was the first major death I thought of, so I guess it must be pretty memorable.

I think what makes this one so different to a lot of other comic deaths I’ve read is that it wasn’t a great hero falling in the line of duty, but Rogers at the mercy of his enemies after surrendering in the Civil War. This strikes me as just being something pretty different to the usual deaths. Additionally, the death itself was turned into a major storyline that stretched out for many issues and into Bucky Barnes adopting the mantle and becoming the new Captain America. I just thought this was really well handled, and made an entertaining and truly absorbing read.

Rogers may now be back, but this is one death that can still be appreciated with its impact on the entire Marvel Universe being clear to see.