This was a far easier choice than my Marvel selection, mainly because 52 is so awesome.

A yearlong weekly series, 52 was written by a team of awesome writers and featured multiple story plots that weaved around throughout the series. I love this mainly because of the chance it created for other characters such as Booster Gold to shine, whilst filling in the missing gap in the DC Universe. The art was relatively good too.

To be honest, no matter what I say can highlight and show even a glimpse of how awesome 52 is. So if you haven’t read it, go do yourself a favour and buy the 4 tpbs. Now preferably.

And I’m done now completely. I’ll have to find something else to do on here other than spam from time to time now. Hmm..

Booster Gold

This was a slightly easier choice than my Marvel selection, mainly because with DC most titles I collect are in tpbs. I’m still one behind with Booster though, but details. I’ll order it soon. Promise.

Anyway, Booster Gold is awesome, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Spinning out of the events of 52, it picks up on the greatest hero never known, and shapes him into his new role in the DC Universe. The story within the first 3 volumes I’ve read has been top notch, not to mention the art is pretty too. Booster and Skeets make a great team, and provide some great moments of entertainment. Oh, and there’s a Blue Beetle team up, with one of my favourite comic scenes ever.

See? Made of win. That is all.

Right now

Even more easier to choose than my Marvel selection. And there’s a very simple reason for this.

Basically, I’ve only really recently ventured into the DC Universe, andas such I haven’t really been exposed to that much past material, other than the 90s JLA series and volume 3 of Green Lantern which mainly featured Kyle.

However the material coming out of DC Comics interests me quite a bit at the moment, so I’m going to say that this is my favourite period at the moment. When I read more older stories, perhaps this choice will change.


Thank goodness Superman isn’t really the last son of Krypton. If that had been held to be unbendable, we never would have got to see various stories showcasing the Kryptonians, whether exploring their culture, history or just being there to challenge Superman.

Their whole back story may have varied over time, but the concept of a race of aliens not too dissimilar to humans but who gain incredible powers under our sun is a great one. With various others appearing over the years to prove that ‘ol Supes isn’t quite as alone as he thought, they always provide entertainment and can set up great drama – whether it’s a long lost cousin, an evil military commander from the Phantom Zone, or a whole lost city being restored. As a race therefore the Kryptonian people can be used to craft great stories, and you only have to look at Superman’s fairly recent run of story arcs involving the restored Kandorians to see how great Kryptonians are in the DC Universe.

Even if you take away the rest of the Kryptonians, you’re still left with Superman and alone he can be really compelling when handled right and worthy of carrying this selection alone.


Was fairly limited in scope with this choice I’m afraid, but listing through the few characters I had for this, none of them stood out quite like Fire.

I am fairly ignorant of her character history but whenever I’ve read anything that features her, she has erm, a lot of spirit. In Generation Lost she appears pretty bad ass and determined and I pity whoever decides to get on her wrong side. And in Formerly Known as the Justice League, she was just darn hilarious, with her snide comments and general nastiness over Mary Marvel who was just being damn sweet and innocent. Not to mention, she also had an interesting website called blazingfire.com where she made a lot of money without demeaning herself, conning all the pervs.

So yeah. What’s not to like? She’s definitely one who stands out.

Batman: Vengeance

Compared to the Marvel choice, this one was simple. I’ve only played a few DC Comics games, and mostly they’ve been fairly naff. The two Justice League GBA games I had entertained me when I was younger, but going back to them they’re pretty poor really, whereas the Batman Begins game for the PS2 was mediocre really. Batman: Vengeance was the only one left I could think of – and then looking at it, I remembered it was pretty fun.

The game was based on Batman from the DCAU, so already; it’s got off to a good start. Add to that the voice cast from the Batman series and you’ve got something made of win already. Oh, and the plot with the Joker really allowed more time for him to shine, which is always awesome. If I can remember, the camera angles were a bit clunky from time to time, but it didn’t detract from the fun as playing as Batman – which you needed to do. This was because there were a variety of enemies which meant you couldn’t just brawl your way through, so you needed to use all your equipment. So yeah, it was a pretty good game.

Additional note: I had this for the Gamecube, but I couldn’t find a decent sized UK box art, so I had to go with the PS2 one lol.

Edit: Oh, haven’t played Batman: Arkham Asylum yet, which presumably will take this spot when(/if) I play it.

Justice League Unlimited

This was another difficult choice, because the Batman, Superman and Justice League series were all just as good. However I picked Justice League Unlimited for the variety it offered, meaning it gave the chance to showcase over members of the JLA who I wouldn’t have seen if not for this series. I have fond memories of the Booster Gold episode for instance.

So on top of the extra variety, the theme tune was just as epic and awesome as the one for Justice League, the only difference being the higher tempo, which reflected the change of direction for the cartoon. The story, whether being contained to one episode or being something more grand, was always entertaining and very well done.

JLU therefore, was great. It still allowed the 7 members from Justice League enough screen time to show why they were the elite, whilst allowing other, ‘lesser’ characters screen time, always doing them justice.

The Batmobile

This was an easier choice than my Marvel selection. When you think Batman, besides him being badass and awesome, you think of all of his equipment and technology that he utilises to conduct his mission. The Batmobile is one of the most obvious tools of his trade and one that many people know, being referenced or parodied many a time.

The Batmobile is great because of how it has evolved over time. Like the character, the vehicle has developed, adjusting to the needs of the time and becoming more advanced in order for Batman to conduct his missions and tasks effectively. More than a simple ride, it has multiple uses and tools, with the most noticeable recent adjustment being the ability to hover as pictured above. The continual upgrading of the Batmobile is something that really suits the character of Batman, and this makes it pretty damn snazzy.

The Batmobile. Awesome just like Batman.

Superman: Red Son

Once again, I would have liked to have chosen the mainstream universe, but since I was told that it’s the easy choice, I ended up thinking through different worlds I’ve been exposed to. The main elseworlds story that jumped out at me was Superman: Red Son, which I read quite a while ago.

Basically it starts off as being what if Superman had landed in the USSR as opposed to the United States. I’ve seen a few critical reviews that it didn’t stick to this premise really, but from what I remembered, it was an entertaining twist on the Superman mythos and the DC Universe as a whole, with their being appearances by loads of well known characters. I particularly remember enjoying the conclusion to the story, which I won’t spoil for anyone who hasn’t read it.

Ah, the just reminds me that I really need to buy the tpb of this one day soon.

The Death of Superman

Another choice which I’ve picked due to the scale of impact it had on the wider DC Universe as a whole. I believe it was originally planned to kill Clark off for good, but due to strong sales in the aftermath of the storyline with World Without a Superman it was decided to wrap up the major story arc with Clark’s return.

With developments such as the four replacements that stepped up in his absence, it really sparked much interest and made interesting read. In fact, the death itself was arguably the weakest part of the story arc, with the main story really taking off in Superman’s absence from the world. Overall then, the Death of Superman was really well done and led to lasting changes in the DC world.

The fallout of Superman’s death led to the rise of Steel and Superboy, whilst unleashing Cyborg Superman once more, who has become a major villain. But this was nothing compared to the destruction of Coast City, which changed the face of Green Lantern for years to come. What I love most about Superman’s death though, is that is really highlighted Superman’s importance to the world. And that is why I think the storyline is really memorable.