Episode Outline
Rhinox, Cheetor, Rattrap and Dinobot are on routine mission gathering Energon supplies, when they are ambushed by Scorponok and Waspinator. Instead of the usual battle however, Scorponok elects to detonate the Energon deposit which the Maximals are mining in hopes of vaporising them. Believing the Maximals destroyed, the duo departs to report back to Megatron.

It turns out however that the explosion didn’t destroy the Maximals, but it did severely damage their internal systems, knocking just about everything out and contaminating their bodies. The corruption most significantly has damaged their optical sensors, rendering the four Maximals blind – and worse, if they don’t return to the base soon; the corruption will render them offline permanently. The four also need to travel in Beast mode, since it slows down their corruption.

This leads to the Maximals attempting to return to the base, lead by Rhinox’s sense of smell. Braving the wild, the quartet are seemingly about to face destruction at the final hurdle, when Waspinator and Terrorsaur catch up to them. Cornered and seemingly helpless, Rhinox orders the Maximals to transform and fight, picturing a targeting grid in their minds whilst he pinpoints the Predacons co-ordinates with his hearing, before shouting out the targeting vectors for the Maximals to aim for. Somehow the Maximals prevail, but the exertion sends them all into stasis lock. However Optimus finds them just in the nick of time.

At the Axalon, Cheetor, Rattrap and Dinobot are grateful to Rhinox, who claims that the experience has taught them just what they are capable of in Beast form.

My Thoughts
Despite being another decent little episode, this fills like a filler, but one that feels somewhat redundant based on the previous episode having pretty much the same message. In fact, this message is a bit simpler, with the four learning about their senses in Beast mode, whereas Call of the Wild was about the potential of combining the ‘Beast’ and the ‘Robot’.

However, this is a great episode which really showcases just how awesome Rhinox is. He doesn’t like to fight, and would prefer not to lead, but here he shows just how capable he is of both, leading the blind and panicking bunch to safety, even guiding them through a Predacon attack blind. The transformations were nicely done too, with the Maximals sparking and suffering from the effects of the contamination.

And who could forget more Predacon incompetence? You would have thought that by now, they would all be well drilled in not presuming that the target was destroyed and gaining scraps to report back to Megatron.

 Notable Moments
- I guess Beast Modes are more than just a disguise or protection from dangerous Energon fields, since the Maximals apparently smell and breathe. 

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