Favourite Cover: Cable & Deadpool (2004) #22

Favourite Story: “The Burnt Offering”

Creators: Fabian Nicieza (Writer), Patrick Zircher (Penciller), UDON Studios (Inker) and Rob Ross (Inker)

Relevant Issues: Cable & Deadpool (2004) #7-10


Cable is a tough character for me to pick a favourite story for. Despite having read stories featuring him in X-Men, the bulk of Cable-related material which I have read is the excellent Cable & Deadpool series, which kind of focused more on Deadpool overall. (I do have the first three collected editions of the 2008 Cable series, but they are yet to be read…)

“The Burnt Offering” was probably one of the more Cable centric storylines of the series, seeing him reach the peak of his powers after having successfully suppressed the techno-organic virus which he had long suffered from. Having reached new heights power wise, Cable decides to set an example and lead the world to a bright new future, by acting both decisively and idealistically, trying to force people to adapt to living in a peaceful world.

This of course alarms a lot of people, seeing Nick Fury, the X-Men and countless heroes attempting to neutralise Cable, fearful of the power he now holds. It all leads to an epic battle scene on Providence, the floating island which Cable had crafted as the base of this utopian new future, where the Silver Surfer joins the fray to try and make Cable see sense.

This was a great little story which really showed how Cable, often depicted as nothing more than a battle-hardened soldier, thought of the world, and wanted to save it. Admittedly his measures were extreme, but it was sort of a Watchmen-esque plan, with him believing it would either work – or people would unite against him, paving the way for the future he was trying to build. In either case, he would win.

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