Favourite Cover: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1968) #4

Favourite Story: "Project Blackout"

Creators: Jim Steranko (Writer, Penciller and Inker), Frank Giacoia (Inker), Joe Sinnott (Inker) and Bill Everett (Inker)

Relevant Issues: Strange Tales (1951) #159-168


Another day, another fairly weak choice. Apparently there is some really great modern Nick Fury stuff out there, but I;m yet to actually delve into any of it. Ah well.

Today’s choice comes courteously of Panini’s reprint title, Mighty World of Marvel again. Back in 2004 they tried to always reprint an old ‘classic’ storyline, which new readers probably otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to read. I know I definitely wouldn’t have read this series of Nick Fury stories from the Strange Tales anthology title otherwise.

Anyway, the reason I’ve picked this run of stories (other than having not much else to choose from), is because they are actually pretty darn good. Over the course of Steranko’s stories, we got introduced to Nick Fury, super spy, and well, he was really cool, with loads of gadgets, and living a life which even a certain James Bond couldn’t dream of. Sure, some of the story which develops is a bit dated (with a certain Yellow Claw being someone I doubt we’ll be seeing any time soon), but what this story offers is a really fun, old school spy-story, seeing Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. square off against the looming threat of the Yellow Claw and his legions, with them being intent on infiltrating America. I wonder if any of the themes were inspired by the times?

It may be dated, but it is a fun kind of dated, and certainly worth checking out.