Favourite Cover: Fantastic Four (1961) #527

Favourite Story: “Forever”

Creators: Jonathan Hickman (Writer), Steve Epting (Penciller, Inker), Barry Kitson (Penciller, Inker) [and many more…]

Relevant Issues: Fantastic Four (1961) #600-604


It just had to be, didn’t it? The conclusion of the epic, cosmic and time-spanning tale which Hickman weaved throughout the pages of Fantastic Four, into FF, before the triumphant return of Fantastic Four, “Forever” was very much the result of around 3 years of fantastic storytelling.

Fantastic Four has always been a hit-and-miss title for me. There are some stories and runs which I love, and others not so much. Millar’s run is very much a marmite matter (personally, I enjoyed it), but Hickman seemed to have won most people over with his grand scope and vision for Marvel’s First Family. Dividing them with “Three”, “Forever” saw the return of Johnny Storm to the team, having survived through quite the ordeal in the Negative Zone. It was a good job he returned too, with the long foretold coming of the Mad Celestials, the return of the Inhumans, and the attack of the Kree all neatly piling up to cause complete chaos, with the title which took over from Fantastic Four, FF seeing the Future Foundation building on Hickman’s early set-up to present a wonderful finale.

I’m not going to even try to summarise “Forever”, as whatever I would say would be doing it an injustice. Just take it from me, the story it well, fantastic. This was definitely a storyline which was full of awesome moments which made any fan of the Fantastic Four geek out.

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