Favourite Cover: JLA (1997) #44

Favourite Story: “Tower of Babel”

Creators: Mark Waid (Writer), Howard Porter (Penciller), Steve Scott (Penciller), Drew Geraci (Inker) and Mark Propst (Inker)

Relevant Issues: JLA (1997) #43-46


The vast majority of material I’ve read involving the Justice League has been from the 1997 JLA series, which featured some fantastic creative talent doing some immense work. Grant Morrison’s run was highly enjoyable, and “The Obsidian Age” by Joe Kelly remains a firm favourite, but for my favourite story, I have to look at a certain Mark Waid once again. Waid delivered another wonderful run on JLA, following on superbly from Morrison. In fact, his first storyline, “Tower of Babel” is what I’m picking for this!

“Tower of Babel” revolves around the Justice League mysteriously being taken out by a series of delicately planned personal attacks, launched by Ra’s al Ghul as he moves yet again to secure a dominant position in the world. Oh, and the architect of his attacks against the Justice League? Batman himself! It’s a wonderful story, seeing the paranoia and safeguards of the Dark Knight, with the World’s Greatest Detective taken unawares by the theft of his measures against the Justice League, by Ra’s stealing the bodies of his parents and sending him chasing them across the world.

It’s great little story, with Batman’s betrayal having lasting consequences for the next JLA storyline, with him being expelled from the team due to their inability to trust him. I would go into more detail on why this is awesome, but I wrote a review for it a while back, so check that out if you are interested.

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