Favourite Cover: Captain America: Reborn (2009) #6 (Second Printing Variant)

Favourite Story: “Out of Time/The Winter Soldier”

Creators: Ed Brubaker (Writer), Steve Epting (Penciller, Inker), Michael Lark (Penciller, Inker), John Paul Leon (Penciller, Inker) and Mike Perkins (Inker)

Relevant Issues: Captain America (2005) #1-9, 11-14


My favourite story for Captain America is without doubt, where I started to read Captain America. Having decided to pick up the new Panini CE on the shelves back in the day, Marvel Legends, I was mainly interested in the Iron Man story reprinted. Soon however, it was Captain America which had me eagerly anticipating each new issue.

The ambitious opening storyline of the 2005 series broke the old comics saying – that is, that nobody stays dead in comics apart from Uncle Ben and Bucky. Well here it was, the revival of James Barnes. Or maybe, he never died after all? With the start of this run, Brubaker brought Captain America into a highly personal mystery story, with the mysterious Winter Solider turning out not to be a myth after all, and even worse – he was his long presumed friend, Bucky. Add to this the superb espionage-thriller feel that Brubaker gave this title, with Captain America having to deal with the intrigues of the Red Skull and Lukin, and this was a top notch story which set the bar high for this series, and this was a bar which it seemed to hit in almost every subsequent storyline.

This storyline has it all. This was a great thriller, and a mystery tale which slowly unfolds in front of the reader, whilst Brubaker planted the seeds for later stories which themselves would developed very well indeed. Seeing Steve confronted with what is regarded as one of his greatest personal failures was something which Brubaker explored exceptionally well, since Bucky had sunk into a fate worse than death, and Steve had now been seemingly being granted a second chance to save Bucky, all these years later.

Quite simply, this is a fantastic read, and one I’d recommend to anyone.