I posted about sorting out my new bookcase and whatnot a few days ago, and the always charming letloosethekraken and not-so-charming cosmostreats asked for some updated pics of my collection, so here we are.

Warning, if you don’t like poor photography, or images of trade paperbacks on shelves, then look away now.


Distance shot of what used to be a desk. There’s normally some crap cluttered on it, but I removed it for the photo. Basically this is where my trade collection starts. Time for some close ups I think!

Manga stuff is in front, then we have 52 to Batman.

Batman continued to The Flash.

The Flash continued to Green Lantern. Pile on top is comics waiting to be bagged and boarded or put away. >.<

And the lovely bookcase in question which prompted this whole post. Wrong colour for my room, but details. The dress hanging up next to it isn’t mine, before anyone asks either lol.

Green Lantern to JSA.

JSA continued to Villains United.

Watchmen, We3.
Adventures of Cylops and Phoenix to Civil War.

Civil War continued to Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four continued to New Avengers.

New X-Men to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man continued to Venom: Carnage Unleashed.

Venom: Deathtrap: The Vault to Young Avengers.
Conan to Serenity.
The Darkness to The Nightly News.

The Walking Dead.
Transformers - IDW Beast Wars material, and complete Marvel US run.

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files, Transformers: The IDW Collection HCs.

So that’s pretty much everything that’s been moved out, collected edition wise. I’ve got more 2000 AD stuff hidden away in the wardrobe where my trades used to be, such as Batman vs Judge Dredd, since they are too big to go in the bookcase. Kinda sucks, but ah well.

So, this has been a post on my collection. I’ve got a fair few Panini and Titan reprint CEs, and US comics, but they are all nicely put away, and I don’t think you want to see photos of boxes.

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  2. letloosethekraken said: How long have you been buying? I’m so used to seeing half completed runs and what not, because I have a habit of buying a run and then getting distracted and buying another run haha I’m getting out of that habit now, looks like you don’t have that? Haha
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