Favourite Issue: X-Factor (1986) #230

Favourite Story: “They Keep Killing Madrox”

Creators: Peter Allen David (Writer), Emanuela Lupacchino (Penciller) and Guillermo Ortego (Inker)

Relevant Issues: X-Factor (1986) #230


Today’s choice really is a weak one folks. Despite being a title which sounds pretty cool, I’m ashamed to confess that I’ve actually never really read any X-Factor. Sure, whenever they’ve crossed over into something like “Messiah Complex” I’ve read a couple of issues, but beyond that - not much.

So why #230? Funny story actually. There was a cock up at Diamond, and my LCS received copies of X-Factor instead of Wolverine and the X-Men. WatXM, turned up next week, and my LCS was allowed to keep the unwanted copies of X-Factor, and the owner decided to hand them out for free to those affected by the mistake.

Despite accidentally ending up with this issue, it still was a pretty good read. Whilst I can’t remember too much on the story, apart from Guido getting abused for having no soul or something, the writing was really well done, with the dialogue between the characters providing me with quite a few laughs. Monet literally getting ‘Trolled’ about her zip was one on the highlights of the issue for me, which had me chuckling for longer than I suppose I should have.

Maybe I’ll actually read X-Factor one day. It’d be amongst a big pile of stuff to nab though…

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