Favourite Cover: Batman and Robin (2009) #1

Favourite Story: “Batman vs. Robin”

Creators: Grant Morrison (Writer), Andy Clarke (Penciller), Dustin Nguyen (Penciller) and Scott Hanna (Penciller, Inker)

Relevant Issues: Batman and Robin (2009) #10-12


I’ve got a lot of love for Damian Wayne, as well as the first few story-arcs of the 2009 series of Batman and Robin, with Dick Grayson and Damian filling the famous mantles. For today however, I’m talking about a particular storyline – “Batman vs. Robin”.

This story marks the point where Damian finally grows into the role of Robin for me. At the start of the series, he was resentful towards Dick, seemingly ignoring his advice, whilst thinking of Dick as being unworthy to possess the mantle of Batman. This storyline however, sees Damian’s respect for Dick shine through, as well as his commitment to being Robin, and living up to the ideals that Bruce set out for Batman and Robin.

When Damian goes to confront his mother, Talia Al Ghul about her manipulation of him, to prevent his disgrace and indoctrination at the hands of Dick, this story really steps up a gear. Damian’s speech about how being Robin is the best thing he could do with his life is similar to Dick’s earlier comment about Bruce teaching him how to best help people, showing the impact that Dick has in helping Damian to follow in Bruce’s footsteps and make his father proud. Oh, and his departing comment of hoping to be a worthy enemy to the house of Al Ghul is awesome too.

All in all, this is a fantastic story, with Damian making his allegiance known – good timing too, since the reveal of Oberon Sexton’s true identity was just round the corner…