Favourite Cover Image: Wonder Woman Promo by Cliff Chiang

Favourite Story: “Blood”

Creators: Brian Azzarello (Writer), Cliff Chiang (Penciller, Inker), Tony Akins (Penciller, Inker) and Dan Green (Inker)

Relevant Issues: Wonder Woman (2011) #1-6


Wonder Woman is a character that I’ve always wanted to read about, but I’ve never really got round to it. I’ve read my fair share of stories with her starring the Justice League, but I never made the time to invest in her solo series. When the New 52 came around however, I finally went for it, picking up #1 of Azzarello and Chiang’s take on the character. By the time I put the issue down, I was hooked.

The New 52 relaunch of Wonder Woman. Now where should I start? Firstly, it made me really care about the character. Wonder Woman is great, and she always has been, but I’ve never really invested in her stories. With #1 of the new series however, that all changed, with Azzarello and Chiang introducing a whole new take on Greek mythology, whilst tweaking the origins of Wonder Woman and the Amazons through the series. With the reveal that Wonder Woman is a demigod, and the daughter of the Hippolyta and the deceased Zeus, she is soon thrown into adventure, finding herself compelled to protect Zola, (a young woman who last liaised with Zeus, and now carries his unborn child) from the wrath of Hera. Add to that Hermes being awesome, and well, this storyline was a great introduction to the series.

Watching Diana react to the truth of her origins, as well as seeing her remain composed and true to herself and her values in this crazy mythological world that Azzarello has been creating. Indeed, things get even more insane in the second storyline where Diana becomes betrothed to Hades, but that’s a whole different story. “Blood” was the story which made me eagerly anticipate each new issue of Wonder Woman, with the title now firmly being in my most anticipated comics each month. Wonder Woman is awesome – it just took me a relaunch to realise it, and really start to read her stories.

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