Favourite Cover: Captain Marvel (2002) #23

Favourite Story: “Avengers Forever”

Creators: Kurt Busiek (Writer), Roger Stern (Writer), Carlos Pacheco (Penciller) and Jesus Merino (Inker)

Relevant Issues: Avengers Forever (1998) #1-12


Okay, I’m kind of cheating with this selection, but when the pick is Avengers Forever, I’m sure you can give me a pass right? I haven’t really read too much of Captain Marvel with anyone holding the title Marvel-wise to be honest, which made this a difficult selection. But then I remember just how awesome Avengers Forever was, with all the characters used wonderfully– and it also had ramifications for the characters drawn out of present day!

And that moves me onto Captain Marvel, or to be more precise, Genis-Vell. Plucked from the future, to become part of the Avengers team formed from all eras to fight in the Destiny War, this future version of Genis-Vell was somewhat fatalistic and bitter about well, everything. Like with the present day Genis-Vell, he took an instant dislike towards Rick Jones, although seemingly for different reasons. It was fun to see this Genis-Vell interact with all the Avengers from his past, especially Songbird, whilst his developing acceptance of Rick was nicely played out, with the two managing to set aside their differences to work together. Indeed, it all moved towards a climatic finale, where Genis-Vell finally revealed the reasons for his longstanding resentment towards this younger version of Rick.

In what is still one of my favourite twists in comics, Rick Jones is fatally wounded in the final battle, only to be saved by Genis-Vell bonding with him, much like his father had done all those years ago. Now, you would think this was enough – but when the Avengers were sent to their own eras, Rick found out that the bond still existed – and the present day Genis-Vell was on the other end!

Avengers Forever is a great time travel story, for many reasons, with one of them being its treatment and usage of characters. Indeed, the use of Genis-Vell was spot on, and was a particular highlight (one of many!) for me in the story.