Favourite Cover: JSA (1999) #65

Favourite Story: “Out of Time”

Creators: Geoff Johns (Writer), Don Kramer (Penciller) and Keith Champagne (Inker)

Relevant Issues: JSA (1999) #65-66


As with my choice for Iron Man, my selection for my favourite JSA story is once again a smaller, more personal story, as opposed to something which affects the whole team. A two-part story, “Out of Time” focuses on the Hourmen of the Justice Society – Rex and Rick Tyler, and the Android from the future (who later took the name Matthew). Part of the reason I love this story so much is mainly down to theJSA series itself (which is well worth a read, and something I will always recommend), which whilst bringing a massive family of characters together, you really get to know and relate to them.

With Rex brought back from the dead during the run, “Out of Time” revolves around Rex finally running out of time in his second ‘life’ – he needs to ensure that time doesn’t fragment, and return to Zero Hour to face Extant, where ultimately falls alongside other veterans of the Justice Society. This of course is something which Rick won’t accept, with himself determined to sacrifice himself to save his father, who over the course of the series he had grown to know and love. At the crucial moment however, the Android steps in, taking the decision away from the pair, which leads to one of my favourite moments in comics.

I just love this story so much. The strength of JSA as a series was the characterisation, where by the end of the series, I felt that I knew the characters I had been reading about. And the journey of the Hourmen was by far, one of my favourite elements of the series, with all three – Rex, Rick and the Android, being fantastic characters in their own right, who I sympathised with and wanted to see them all have their happy endings. And who knows? Maybe the Android got rebuilt after all. 

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