I honestly do not get this phenomenon. He’s a well-written villain who happens to be played very well by a good-looking actor.


I see him. He’s good-looking. But just because someone looks good doesn’t excuse their behavior. I’m not going to pretend he had much of a choice besides “go to Earth or get thrown down on by Thanos”, but dude isn’t all that sympathetic. I’m not saying he couldn’t turn it around by Avengers 2, but as he is now, I don’t see how people could feel for him like they do.

Although, it helps that Tom Hiddleston, outside of the film, plays up being the villain in the cartooniest, funniest manner(“Loki’d!”). Seriously, all I’ve seen from the Avengers cast interviews gives the impression that all of them had hella fun making the movie. Also, from what I’ve heard, he is a hell of a nice guy.

Aaaand now I’m trying to remember what comes after that one Ludacris line that goes something like “Hello, my name’s Ludacris and I’m a hell of a guy”.

It is the same stuff that happened with the Joker when all of the girls suddenly thought he was the hottest stuff when were the character based in reality, he probably kill the fangirls. 

I really can’t blame them there. Heath Ledger is, after all,


dead sexy.

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